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“I am so proud of the GREAT work by this wonderful professional!! She helped save my marriage. I had no clue about how to fight the right way. Kristin helped my development in learning the tools I needed. A lady who can relate and bridge much understanding & wisdom!! Thank You!!” -John

During this difficult time, most of the couples I am seeing for marriage counseling, do not want to leave their home.

I created a three-part marital video course so they can become master communicators and improve their marriage in the safety and privacy of their own home.

Rather than just extending this relationship course to my clients, I want to also offer it to you for a limited time.

Whether you take this course with your partner or alone, it will help. I encourage you to sign up for part one right away.

People receiving marriage counseling usually pay between $60-$160 for a one hour session. You will learn more in part one of this course than you would learn in one in office session and the price is only $9.99.

That is less than most people’s co-pay. So act now and become a master communicator.

What People Are Saying About Kristin's Courses

“After participating in Kristin’s marriage course, I found that I feel more comfortable engaging in difficult conversations with my husband and they are much more positive and productive. I now intentionally practice validating his feelings and we are definitely more connected because of it."
- Grier C.
“We took Kristin's classes and we LOVE them. They are SO amazing. She gives you practical, hands-on advice & examples that you can actually use to help better your marriage. There are so many great takeaways from her courses. Even if your marriage is already great her courses will teach you ways to make it EVEN better."
- Chantel F.
“My absolute favorite thing I learned from Kristin’s class is, "Do you want to borrow my calm?" You’ll have to sign up & watch to find out what that means! I got tons of helpful insight out of this class. I was already an amazing husband, but after Kristen's class I can say that I'm probably the husband of the year."
- Rhyan F.